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5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders of Material

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5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders of Material

                  5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders of Material

After decades of research, PZT-based piezoelectric ceramics about Piezo discs and cylinders have made great progress. It is one of the most important functional materials at home and abroad and has been widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics, radar, micro-displacement control, space technology and computer . For the future development of PZT piezoelectric ceramics, the hot spot trend mainly has high conversion efficiency of PZT ferroelectric piezoelectric ceramic discs. (1) PZT piezoelectric ceramics with high energy conversion efficiency are on the rise. Fujitsu Laboratories of Japan has developed a lead-based perovskite piezoelectric ceramics composed of nickel niobate, lead titanate and lead zirconate. Sintering development of piezoelectric ceramics at 1 000 ℃ and its new application is 8%. Energy conversion efficiency of index k33 is 80.8%. (2) Low-temperature sintering PZT ceramic materials, new technology and new technology. Development of low temperature sintering PZT piezoelectric ceramic materials, new technology, to achieve low-temperature sintering of PZT piezo cylinder transducer in series, which is not only can effectively ensure the performance of ceramic materials, but also piezo disc circuit for guitar pickup save energy and environmental protection. (3) multi-functional ferroelectric ceramics. Utilizing the additive effect of piezo ceramic materials, the product effect, and the combination of different degree of coupling, a new multifunctional ferroelectric ceramic material can be developed. At present, there are mainly magnetic coupling, optoelectronic coupling, magneto-optical coupling. The laboratory developed single-phase magnetic brass piezo disc datasheet with P8 materials have achieved some results. (4) lead-free series of piezoelectric ceramics. Since PZT-based piezo disc pickup with P5 material contain a large amount of lead, the manufacturing process is likely to cause environmental pollution. Therefore, research on lead-free piezoelectric ceramics has been quietly emerging, but its performance is not as good as that of PZT. Therefore, it needs to be further improved. (5) Piezoelectric composite materials. Compared with the traditional piezoelectric ceramic, with better flexibility and machinability, low density, low velocity, easy to air, water and biological tissue to achieve acoustic impedance matching.

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