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5 Places That You Can Find Piezo Crystals

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 5 Places That You Can Find Piezo Crystals

                     5 Places That You Can Find Piezo Crystals

high-power ultrasonic consolidation molding equipment includes metal structure forming, the urgent need is due to the high power ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric and the quality of the welding head limitation, the existing domestic metal ultrasonic welding equipment can not be used for large area metal for piezo bimorph actuator for ultrasonic welding. In view of this demand background, Harbin Engineering University technicians joint research is being developed for the manufacture of metal laminates of high-power ultrasonic for distance probe is forming high-end equipment, has resolved the constraints of high-power transducers Technology bottleneck, developed a high-power ultrasonic transducer to solve the piezo material, structure design and manufacturing of key technologies, the first domestic high-power ultrasonic detector of molding manufacturing equipment is being installed and debugging, the equipment is mainly used for high performance laminated composite material .Application of ultrasonic cleanertechnology in the field of metallic laminated composites ,The popularization and application of ultrasonic welding technology, Ultrasonic metal welding technology has developed the ultrasonic bimorph actuator igniter technology, due to some key problems , Far from ultrasonic plastic welding technology that get a wide range of applications, the current ultrasonic metal welding is mainly used in automotive, refrigeration, solar energy, batteries, electronics and several other areas. However, the application of ultrasonic metal welding technology in the manufacture of metal laminated composite materials is still a blank in our country. With the development of ultrasonic metal welding technology and the breakthrough of key technologies in China, we believe that ultrasonic metal welding in the field of metal laminated composite materials, As well as rapid metal additive manufacturing that areas will be promoted.

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