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5 Facts You Never Knew About Piezo Plates And Blocks

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 5 Facts You Never Knew About Piezo Plates And Blocks

                     5 Facts You Never Knew About Piezo Plates And Blocks

The combined effect of the capacitive tube piezo ceramic is using orthogonal test method, the PZT-4 type material obtained a relatively high pressure in the Bi2O3 additive content of 0.9%, Fe2O3 additive content of 0.4% Electrical properties. The two kinds of additives (Bi2O3, Fe2O3) can make the PZT-4 type material ,which get better piezo ceramic fabrication datasheet piezoelectric performance under the combined effect. For piezo ceramic materials, the hope that its kp is high, so that high sensitivity square shape piezo ceramic devices have a higher conversion efficiency, higher working capacity and low dielectric loss of strong field, you can reduce the heat of piezo ceramic ring plate devices to improve the stability of the work of the device and service life.Ultrasonic welding energy saving is environmental protection, easy operation and other prominent advantages, more and more people's attention. Rectangular shape piezo ceramicfor Ultrasonic welding has been widely used in many fields. Piezoelectric ceramic is used for ultrasonic welding for the basic principles. The domestic development status of ultrasonic welding is summarized, and the development of ultrasonic welding is prospected. In 1950, Americans invented the ultrasonic welding technology, which is widely used in industrial production as a special connection technology. In addition, ultrasonic welding technology is also widely used in the electronics industry, electrical manufacturing, new materials and equipment, aerospace and nuclear industries, food packaging, sealing of high-level components and so on. The main advantages of ultrasonic welding are energy saving, environmental protection, easy to operate, this technology for our country to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society that plays a significant role in promoting.

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