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15 Facts That Nobody Told You About Piezo Crystals

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 15 Facts That Nobody Told You About Piezo Crystals

                                15 Facts That Nobody Told You About Piezo Crystals
Piezo ceramic ring plate for ultrasonic welding is a special welding method, which usually refers to the use of ultrasonic vibration frequency ,it is greater than 16KHZ of the mechanical vibration energy, the same or dissimilar metals, semiconductors, plastics and cermets which are connected. on the one hand ,60*30*10mm electrical piezo ceramicfor ultrasonic welding of metal do not need to send current to the workpiece, on the other hand, there is no high-temperature for heat source into the workpiece, the welding process, under the action of static pressure, the elastic vibration energy into friction between the workpiece , Deformation energy, and limited temperature rise. In the case of base metal ,Ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric electromagnetic does not melt, to achieve metallurgical joint between joints, therefore, ultrasonic welding for piezoelectric sensor datasheet transducerbelongs to the solid state welding. Power frequency current in the role of ultrasonic generator is further into the ultrasonic frequency (15 ~ 16KHZ) d of the oscillation current. Through the magnetostrictive effect, the resonance piezoelectric sensor transducer converts electromagnetic energy into elastic mechanical vibration energy. Amplifier's role is to amplify the amplitude, while using the coupling rod and the top of the acoustic coupling with the workpiece. If the transducers, amplifiers, coupling rods and natural frequencies of the upper sonotrope coincide with each other, the system will resonate in this case and transmit the elastic vibration energy to the static pressure F workpiece.The two thin-sheet workpieces are bonded together by the conversion between these energies. The research status of ultrasonic welding is studied.The application of ultrasonic welding in the welding of tank aluminum parts is analyzed in detail. The weldability of aluminum and aluminum alloy is analyzed in detail. It is considered that the important factor is to ensure the stable welding accuracy of resonant frequency. In the ultrasonic welding process, due to the mechanical load is changing, the phenomenon of detuning will appear randomly, making the spot quality is not stable. According to the characteristics of ultrasonic welding, formulating the appropriate welding specifications. A large number of experiments show that ultrasonic welding of aluminum and aluminum alloy, metal surface dense oxide film can be effectively removed, and thus ensure the welding quality. The theoretical temperature formula of copper-copper solar collector's ultrasonic welding joint area is deduced and the temperature of welding area is measured by artificial thermocouple method. The measured temperature deviation is analyzed.

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