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10 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

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10 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

                 10 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

At present, there are four main applications of ultrasonic metal welding, welding, harness and sealing tube, piezoelectric sensor working is widely used for automotive, refrigeration, solar energy, batteries, electronics and other fields. At present, the specific applications of ultrasonic welding of metal are positive and negative welding of quartz electrical piezoelectric sensor; nickel-hydrogen battery and nickel plate welding;welding of lithium battery and polymer battery copper foil and nickel plate; welding of aluminum foil and aluminum plate; Aluminum and nickel sheet welding; car wiring harness; wire forming; wire mutual welding; wire bonding each other into a number of knot; copper, aluminum wire conversion, cables and various electronic components pzt piezo piezoelectric sensor , contacts, connectors, terminal welding; Electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch and other high current contacts, contacts, dissimilar metal sheet welding; refrigerators, air conditioners and other industries copper Tube sealing tail; vacuum device copper, aluminum pipe welding.The main factors are affecting the quality of ultrasonic welding metal .Amplitude: Amplitude of the piezoelectric sounder is a key parameter, the different transducer of output amplitude is also different, the same transducer can also be configured by different horn and the welding head is to change the working amplitude of  piezoelectric sensor working to meet the welding requirements of different materials. The transducer output amplitude is 5 ~ 20μm, and the working amplitude is generally about 10 ~ 30μm, the working amplitude of the piezo crystal sounder sensor is output amplitude ,horn and the shape of the welding head, before and after the area ratio and other factors. Any ultrasonic welding machine has a center frequency, such as 20, 40 kHz, etc. The working frequency of the welding machine is mainly determined by the mechanical resonance frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic horn and the welding head. The frequency of the ultrasonic generator is adjusted according to the mechanical resonance frequency so as to be consistent so that the welding horn operates in a resonant state, and each part is designed as an integral multiple of one half-wavelength resonant body.

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