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the process of Ultrasonic cleaning machine

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the process of Ultrasonic cleaning machine


                                the process of Ultrasonic cleaning machine

In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machinecleaning process according to the cleaning of objects to be difficult to clean and determine the number of cleaning. The main cleaning process is as follows:
1) hot dip or spray: the purpose is to soften the workpiece on the contaminants, separation, dissolved, and reduce the load under the cleaning process.
2) ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning: the use of ultrasonic cavitation generated by the strong cavitation and vibration of the workpiece surface peeling off off the dirt, but also the oil can be decomposed dirt, emulsification.
3) cold rinse: the use of mobile water will have been off but still floating on the surface of the dirt dirt.
4) ultrasonic rinse: solvent for the clean water, the workpiece is immersed, the use of ultrasound will be floating on the side of the workpiece, the angle and the dirt at the dirt clean.
5) ultrasonic parts washer:hot water and cold water rinse: further remove the dirt particles attached to the surface of the workpiece.
6) ultrasonic cleaning for electronic components machine hot air drying: the use of a certain temperature and wind speed, so that the surface quickly dry parts.

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