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low cost HIFU piezo ceramics for ultrasonic knife blade

Focus length: 19mm

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  • Piezohannas
  • PHI1000K079

                                               HIFU ultrasound piezo

WuHan Piezohannas Tech.Co .,Ltd is a manufactuer of piezoelectric ceramics ,ultrasonic transducers and some other ultrasonic deivce with strong technology force.With a quality management system and research & development sector,our products are extensively used in most applications.


Piezo Ceramics Description:



Focus length: 19mm

Application of HIFU Piezo Ceramic:

Ultrasonic focus ceramic (HIFU) is widely used in the beauty, weight loss medical industry and liposonix,ultra Shape.On behalf of the product is this year the rise of the ultrasonic knife, Liposonix slimming Instrument,Ultra Shape slimming instrument. Compared to the traditional laser beauty weight loss products, the advantages is non-invasive, safe, effective for a long time.

Standard Size of HIFU Piezo Ceramic:

Working Frequency : 1 ~ 10 MHz (Selectable)

Aperture size : Diameter 20 ~ 70mm(Selectable)

Focal length: 10 ~ 100 mm (Selelctable)

Strong Electrode: Nickel, Titanium Alloys
Long Lifetime: high power pulses>15000

PZT Material:


- PZT4 Piezoelectric ceramics have a double behavior of receiving and transmitting, with higher sensitivity and lower dielectric loss.

- PZT5 Piezoelectric ceramics have higher electro-mechanical coupling coefficient, the moderate dielectric constant and higher sensitivity.

- PZT8 Piezoelectric ceramics of high power transmission type have good piezoelectric property, high mechanical strength, high coercive field, low dielectric loss in strong fields.

Manufacturing Process:



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