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energy saving and environmental protection of ultrasond cleaning

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 energy saving and environmental protection of ultrasond cleaning

                   energy saving and environmental protection of ultrasond cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been used successfully in of aluminum and stee of our company cleaning, meanwhile, in the transformation of the production line, we apply the ultrasonic cleaning technology to pretreatment of phosphating, anodizing and hard anodizing in the degreasing solution temperature from the original 80 ~ 90 C lower 40 to 60 C, save energy. Because the ultrasonic cleaning technology can replace the cleaning agent conveniently, therefore choosing the different cleaning agents can be selected according to the kinds of antirust oil used to meet the cleaning requirements of different products. The application of ultrasonic cleaning digital automotive ultrasonic parts washer has replaced the organic solvents such as gasoline and trichloroethylene, eliminated the hidden danger of safety, and reduced the pollution and harm of organic solvent. At the same time, the on-line cleaning of machining parts and assembly parts is realized, the automation level of ultrasonic cleaner coil master workpiece cleaning is improved, the cleaning efficiency is improved, the labor intensity of working is reduced, and the working environment is improved. Therefore, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning technology is a kind of advanced cleaning technology of energy saving and environmental protection.

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