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cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning

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cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning

                          cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is using ultrasonic generator to come true,which is amplifying electrical power with more than 40 kHz frequency ultrasonic cleaning of oscillating signal, the reverse piezoelectric effect of ultrasonic transducer is converted into best professional high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning mechanical vibration, the energy is radiated through the cleaning medium, so that the cleaning fluid molecules can vibrate and produce countless tiny bubbles. Bubble can be formed in the direction of ultrasonic propagation by the negative pressure zone formation, growth, and in the positive pressure area quickly closed and produce thousands of atmospheric pressure instantaneous high pressure and blasting, the formation of numerous micro-high-pressure shock wave on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, that is cavitation effect, which is 4.5L automotive digital ultrasonic cleaning

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