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Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Cleaner

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 Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Cleaner

                   Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Cleaner

The choice of frequency of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with steamer threshold and frequency are closely related to the higher frequency, the frequency is the higher in the liquid to produce cavitation that is required for sound intensity or sound power is greater; the frequency is low, cavitation is easily produced, at the same time, for low frequency, the liquid receive compression and sparse effect at a longer time interval, the bubble before collapse can grow to larger size, increasing cavitation strength is conducive to the cleaning effect . At present, the working frequency of the  ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors machine is roughly divided into three frequency bands according to the object, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaner with digital timer(20~50 kHz), high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning (50~200 kHz) and megasonic cleaning (0.7~1 MHz). Low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning for large parts or dirt and cleaning the surface of the high bonding strength of the occasion, which should clean the surface shape of complex or blind holes of the workpiece. High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning for computers, micro-electronic components such as cleaning, such as disk drives, read-write head, LCD glass and flat panel displays, micro-components and polished metal parts such as cleaning. Megahertz ultrasonic cleaning is integrated for circuit chips, silicon and film cleaning.which can remove micron, submicron dirt without any damage to the cleaning pieces.

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