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The Truth About Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Is About To Be Revealed.

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The Truth About Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Is About To Be Revealed.

                               The Truth About Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Is About To Be Revealed

The main mechanism of inexpensive automotive ultrasonic cleaner is ultrasonic cavitation function. The strength of ultrasonic cleaner coil master is connected with acoustic parameters, cleaning fluid physical ,chemical properties and environmental conditions. Spindle speed should also be appropriate to reduce some, in order not to produce vibration shall prevail. At the same time, the living apex should also reduce the auxiliary support force at the right end of the work piece (with some auxiliary supportive force),until it becomes a curved surface  turning it back and forth . The top of the living to be removed, this time there is no auxiliary to support parts poor rigidity, for low-speed, snack knife, small feed, the 38mm end center hole car off and ensure that the total length of qualified parts (at this time it can easily produce vibration). the parts with 2mm cut off the parts , due to larger parts, cut off to prevent the parts knock injury. The method we use is that two people work together to cut the part,The first program cut in the cut slot, when the rapid fall of parts to stop automatic processing, machine tool spindle rotation also stopped, the machine tool work on hand wheel mode. The digital heated medical ultrasonic cleaner tool spindle is placed in the neutral position. One person turns the chuck with the left hand to rotate the machine tool spindle, the right hand holds the part and the other person slowly shakes the hand wheel to feed the cutter bit by bit. The part is cut off and finally removed by a scraper ,Burr at the incision. In the finishing process to keep the cutting edge sharpness to reduce machining high frequency ultrasonic clearner ,cutting force caused by the deformation of the parts after the actual production verification, the processing of the route is reasonable, the processing method is used properly, the processing process is convenient, To many intermediate adjustment links, reducing the trouble of making fixtures, processing quality and production efficiency has improved significantly, the processing effect is satisfactory.

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