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Studing the accuracy of HIFU focal spot

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Studing the accuracy of HIFU focal spot

                                                                  Studying the accuracy of HIFU focal spot

 High focus piezo is the use of secondary focusing technology ,he patient is from in vitro through the body by ultrasonic wave that many ultrasonic transducer send out , focusing at the lesion to form a high intensity HIFU piezo similarly the size of the rice grains of the focal spot, so high temperature can burn the cancer cells , To achieve the purpose of treatment, and through the body of a single probe of the ultrasonic intensity is much lower, there is no harm to the human body. High-energy HIFU piezo treatment of the tumor is with no-surgery, painless, small side effects, short treatment and recovery time ,which has so outstanding advantages,a tumor treatment equipment researching is a hot topic , which has now become the clinical application. However, due to precision of HIFU focal spot is difficult to control, when it is in the course of treatment, and even off the target or hurt the surrounding organs , and seriously affect the treatment effect, so that HIFU can not become a reliable treatment of cancer. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of HIFU piezo focal spot. Ultrasound from the probe to the human lesion in turn is through the water medium, the sound film, coupling agent, human skin fat and transmission of internal organs , all can affect the factors of piezoelectric transducer transmission that will affect the accuracy of HIFU focal spot ,This article is only from the perspective of HIFU equipment, equipment development in the development process in order to improve the HIFU piezo focal spot precision research and exploration.

   The accuracy of the focal spot includes accuracy and precision of piezo focal spot . The precision of the piezo focal spot refers to the center of the single probe’s focal spot ,which is the overlap ratio of average position. The intensity of the focal spot is rice-shaped enclosed space that multiple single probes is formed at the same point, The high intensity of the external sound intensity is very low, the stronger the intensity gradient of the piezo focal spot is better, so as to ensure that the lesion tissue in the piezo focal spot is "burned" Dead "without damage to the piezo focal spot tissue. In order to reduce the body through a single probe of the ultrasound piezo on the human body injury, treatment head in the course of the treatment of non-stop swing, which requires improved accuracy of piezo focal spot .

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