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Characteristics Of Ultrasonic cleaning process

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 Characteristics Of Ultrasonic cleaning process


                        Characteristics Of Ultrasonic cleaning process

Compared with the traditional dip scrubbing, spray cleaning ,high pressure cleaning and other cleaning methods,ultrasonic cleaning has a fast, high precision, good consistency . digital ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for small and medium-sized parts or assemblies with blind holes, deep holes, bent holes, cavities, slits, and so on, because the energy of the ultrasonic can penetrate tiny gaps and holes.but if the hole is the unprocessed broken iron ,that need use high pressure cleaning to clean up. For small and medium parts, mesh tooling basket can put more, while immersed in the cleaning solution for cleaning, which need cleaning speed, high efficiency, good consistency , no need to disassemble the assembly can be directly cleaned. Before selecting the cleaning process, detailed analysis and clarification of the material composition, structure and quantity of the parts to be cleaned, and the cleanliness of the contaminants and cleaning parts.These are the prerequisites for deciding what cleaning methods to use, the cleaning process and the choice of cleaning fluid, and the final cleaning process must also be verified by cleaning experiments. Only in this way can we design a digital automotive ultrasonic parts washer that is suitable for cleaning parts, and choose a reasonable cleaning process and cleaning fluid, ultimately ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning parts. vibration frequency of ultrasonic cleaning is from 20 ~ 120 kHz ,relationship between power and cleaning fluid is the larger.

In general, ultrasonic vibration frequency , when the frequency is low will produce a larger noise, higher wavelength shorter, energy concentration, usually used to clean smaller, more sophisticated parts, However, when the frequency is too high, the wavelength is short, the cavitation is weakened, and the cleaning efficiency is lower. For more oil pollution and complex parts ,which are usually used to clean the power, the power can not be too large, too much power cleaning effect is indeed improved, but the cavitation is too strong to make more sophisticated parts of the erosion. The temperature and physical properties of the cleaning solution have a great influence on the aluminum ultrasonic cleaning brass. The optimum cleaning temperature of the water cleaning solution is 40 ~ 60 ℃. Generally, the liquid level of the cleaning liquid is better than 100 mm. When cleaning fluid is selected, consideration should be given to the safety of the cleaning solution, the price and the amount of cleaning fluid that can be cleaned to meet the requirements of the workpiece and other factors. Water is the most common cleaning solution, so the use of water-based solution cleaning machine is simple, wide usage, low cost.

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