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200kHz peizoelectric discs for ultrasonic level sensors

diameter :5mm
material: pzt5

Application: Piezo transducer for milk analysis, Piezo transducer for vibration, transducer for matter dispersion, Sonar transducer Ultrasonic sensor, vibration sensor, wall thickness sensor, material stress sensor, pressure sensor, energy electricity harvesting, compression sensor, piezo expansion sensor and others.

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                                   200kHz Peizoelectric Discs for Ultrasonic Level Sensors

WuHan Piezohannas Tech.Co .,Ltd is a manufactuer of piezoelectric ceramics ,ultrasonic transducers with strong technology force.With a quality management system and research & development sector,our products are extensively used in most applications.


PZT5 material piezo disks


piezoelectric disk transducer

31AFB9AEF0A775B05FBF843CEB753E4E.jpg piezo disc for level sensing


Diameter :5mm
Material: pzt5

Standard Size of Piezo Discs:

range of piezo disc to produce:

Diameter: 2mm-120mm


Piezoceramic transducers for the transmitting and receiving of ultrasonic signal needed in level sensors for non-contact level sensing of liquids and bulk solids.

Ultrasonic level sensors are widely used for non-contact level sensing of liquids and bulk solids. The sensor comprises piezoceramic transducer which can emit high frequency ultrasonic waves. The piezoceramic transducer is mounted above the liquid surface being measured. The distance of liquid surface from the sensor is determined by sending a short ultrasonic pulse and measuring the time it reflects back from the liquid surface.

Another way of determining the liquid level employs a metal tuning fork. The self-resonant frequency of the metal tuning fork, when excited by a piezoceramic transducer, is detected by the evaluation circuit. The resonant frequency varies when the surrounding medium changes and the liquid level can be determined.

PZT Material:


- PZT4 Piezoelectric ceramics have a double behavior of receiving and transmitting, with higher sensitivity and lower dielectric loss.

- PZT5 Piezoelectric ceramics have higher electro-mechanical coupling coefficient, the moderate dielectric constant and higher sensitivity.

- PZT8 Piezoelectric ceramics of high power transmission type have good piezoelectric property, high mechanical strength, high coercive field, low dielectric loss in strong fields.

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